Breast Augmentation Caused Hard Upper Breasts and Ugly Nipples

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I wanted them done for a very very long time for...

I wanted them done for a very very long time for better appearance and confidence. Personal reasons nothing else really. Just to give them shape and for them to look fuller.

It's been three months since I have had BA done. I had the implants put under the muscle. However they are still sore/painfull; also the nipples are too. Sometimes the nipples without being erect almost point downwards and look very ugly. Almost puffy!

Also the top of the breasts is very hard. In a side profile they do not curve inwards at the top and then fall, it's more raised and hard. When I press on the hard part, I can almost feel pushing the implant down.

I understand the pain will go, and three months is still early for some, but I really really am not happy with the hard raised look at the top of them. I know the surgery was done properly. Is everything normal please?

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