Small Waist, Curvy Bottom - Wanted to Balance with a Bigger Chest

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I had breast implant augmentation 6 months ago....

I had breast implant augmentation 6 months ago. Having a very small waist (23.5 in) and a curvy bottom, I wanted a bigger chest area to make my body proportionate.

Six months ago I would have never imagine I would be entering the world of exotic dancing so when I had my B.A I didnt take this into consideration. Fast forward six months later I get laid off and here I am:One of the countless professional women who are now part of this field. I love my new job but my only concern is that my implant will rupture because I use my muscles to do pole tricks ,in particularly my right breast( i am right handed). I am noticing a difference in the shape of it and after a good show it starts hurting and I also notice that it has more of saggy look. i am so worried and wonder if in the long run my new profession will create complications.Thank you for your responses.
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