Had BA to Correct Assymetry

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I got my BA to fix a big asymmetry problem....

i got my BA to fix a big asymmetry problem. right breast was over a cup size bigger, mainly at the bottom and hung lower due to the weight difference. i asked my surgeon if i should get a reduction first on the right side and then proceed w/ same size implants and she assured me that this wasnt necessary to fix the asymmetry. i ended up w/ smooth saline implants, 400cc high profile's on the left and 280cc high on the right.

i am 4wks post op and still feel like the right is fuller, especially at the bottom where is was already fuller to begin with. it sags more and always has a little.and the bottom part of my left breast never seemed to develop . the top of both breasts looks pretty even and it is an improvement as i do not have to wear a pad on one side anymore. but i feel like i paid $4500 for breasts that still dont look the same size. was this the right decision to make to fix the problem? she said i might want a lift on the right to make them more even, but how can they look even when one will have a ton of scars on it!? what can i do now if after a year they still look uneven? help!

i don't want to get a lift, she said we could do a little laser lipo at the bottom of the right fuller breast to fix it. but i don't know if i trust her decisions anymore. i really felt confident that she was going to make them look and feel like the same size. she keeps assuring me that when they drop they will look more even, but i'm really beginning to wonder.

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She was OK

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