Tubular Breasts, Wanted to Size Up to Match Hips

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I had Tubular breasts, with a small size. maybe 32...

I had Tubular breasts, with a small size. maybe 32 small B. originally. I wanted breasts to size up with my hips. I wanted everything new. I wanted a Full-C.

Results: I don't feel I have gotten what I asked for.

225cc saline.

I workout about 4-5 times a week very concerned about my muscles. i lift weights and have worked on abdomen muscles. I feel as if I cannot flex them at all. Are they gone for some reason? I'm scared and worried all my hard work is gone because of breast implants that I wanted so bad. Is this true? Or am I just a bit swollen in my abdomen and bloated with water without knowing it? Ican hardly feel my abdoment muscles and I dont know whats up. I had surgery august 11 2009. today is august 18. tomorrow i get the surtures taken out. help!
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Very trustworthy, clean, explainitory.

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