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A few years ago, I was diagnosed with breast...

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I'd felt a lump for some time with corresponding changes in my breast. After a negative ultrasound, I went to a plastic surgeon to inquire about surgery. He did an aspiration of the lump, got no fluid and placed implants to correct the distortion.

A few months later, a second ultrasound and biopsy at the local hospital showed that the lump was cancerous? I had a lumpectomy and 31 radiation treatments and now have capsular hardening with discomfort in the left treated breast (not the other). The hardening started at the beginning of the radiation treatment and has gotten progressively worse with a lot of muscle tightening. I also developed adhesive capsulitis in my left shoulder and recent surgery has not had the desired out come. It seems that these implants have created a lot of problems and I’m wondering what I should do particularly if I have a recurrence.

1) What are my options to correct the capsular contracture & the chances of a good result? 2) I’ve read that having had radiation, replacing or removing the implants might not solve or might worsen the problem 3) W/radiation, could the contracture have occurred even without the implants? 4) Did the plastic surgeon properly analyze the the lump or should I make sure it's done differently in the future? I understand a biopsy but not the purpose of an aspiration & why it didn't detect the cancer.

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