Tuba Procedure with Saline Implants That Are Not Dropping

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I had breast implant TUBA procedure on July...

I had breast implant TUBA procedure on July 18,2008. I am 5'6 and 125lbs. I was a 34A and had 425CC high profile saline implants put in. However, it's been well over a year and my implants still look too high near my collar bone, like its not dropping. It gives off a more square-like appearance, not natural looking at all, and is not filled at the bottom breast. Which was definitely not the look I was trying to achieve. I wanted a natural look.

I had breast augmentation because I wanted to feel more comfortable in my own body. I am tall but had no boobs. I felt embarrassed and I lacked the confidence due to that reason. I don't regret getting them now despite the problems that have arrived due to them. I just wished I chosen a better doctor to inform me more accurately on what procedure and implant is best for me. But more importantly, to listen to my needs and care after the procedure, because my doctor did not give me that.

My right side is higher than my left. I am so depressed because its not how I wanted it and as much as I try to massage them its just not dropping. I was told to take the medication called Accolate to help with the dropping. Is this a good way for the problem to be fixed or should it be surgicaly repaired?
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