Repositioning Implants

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A year ago I had a breast lift with implants....

A year ago I had a breast lift with implants. Within six months they had dropped drastically and I was developing a double bubble on the left side. They just felt "bottom heavy". After several visits back to my doctor, she finally agreed to do another lift stating that it would correct my problem.

I have explained my concerns of my breasts appearing too far apart to her and all she will tell me is that this is just my anatomy and nothing can be done about it. My major issue with my implants is that they seem to sit more on the outside of my breasts. They are full and round out towards the sides and you can feel where the implant starts and stops. I just don't feel like they are centered behind my natural breasts at all.

My pre-op breasts were uneven and this was another complaint. After the first surgery, they were pretty close to being even. With the second one, the minute the bandages were removed, I could see that one was lower than the other and now can tell a difference in size as well.

Can my implants be moved from their current location to closer to the middle of my breasts to create more cleavage and upper fullness? Should there have been such a drastic change in size and appearance after this second lift? Is it just my anatomy and I should just accept them how they are? How do I talk to my surgeon about fixing this when she does not see it as a problem?

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I just don't feel that she really wants to work with me.

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