Questions Regarding Saline Implant Removal and Replacement Procuedures

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Previously had saline breast implants to increase...

Previously had saline breast implants to increase my self esteem. I was extrely flat-chested and always wanted to do it. I had had NO regrets and will do it again. My recovery was fast and mostly painfree. I was up and cleaning the house after 2 days.

I wanted to know about the procedure to remove and replace saline implants. Is the removal and replacement done in one operation? Is the cost approx. the same as the original procedure? I had my original saline implants implanted under the muscle approx. 7 yrs ago.I would like to increase the size and correct slight unevenness and I have a large "gap or space" between them on my chest so I desire more "cleavage". I am naturally extremly small (A on one side, AA on the other)and did not know if an increase in implant size would correct the lack of cleavage or the spacing issue I currently have. Since I had the original implants I have lost weight so I am sure that has something to do with my "shift" in the position of the implants.

Jeffery Zwerin

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