Post-op BA Recovery

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I am a half Asian and half Caucasion female,...

I am a half Asian and half Caucasion female, 5'4'' 117lbs, in my late 20s and just had a sub-muscular breast augmentation through inframammory incision on Sep. 24th. I am very active and a classical ballet dancer so I chose silicone implants at 290cc.

I have never given birth so my chest was very uncomfortable and painful for about a week. They took off the tight bandage wrap after 7 days. From that day, I was told to massage them twice a day for 20min each. My breasts were too sensitive at first so I did not fully massage them, but it has gotten better within the past week.

Since I am only in my 3rd week, I know they are still healing, but I am concerned the are not healing properly. My left breast seems to have a bubble-like pocket next to my incision towards the sternum and it's dropped slightly lower than my right. I've read that I could still "adjust" the placement of the implants if I massage them correctly; however, I have not received any guidance or tips on this.

I have not been wearing a bra since my breasts are sensitive, and I feel that this could have caused the left to drop, perhaps bottom-out. Do I need to wear a wireless or sports bra? Are there any tips on massaging? Also, when can I start dancing again? I was told 4 weeks from my surgeon, but I tried lifting my arm above my head and leaning back, but the skin underneath my breasts were being pulled and I was afraid they would result in stretch marks or tear the incision. Are there any massaging tips for this as well?

Are there any early massaging techniques to...

Are there any early massaging techniques to prevent from my breasts bottoming out or resulting in any other complications?

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