Post Surgery Experience (380cc Implants)

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I have always wanted bigger breasts i was a size a...

I have always wanted bigger breasts i was a size a and finally decided to get it done. The doctor put 380cc's in each. I am still really early in my post op to comment on treatment.

I had my surgery three weeks ago. Right away there was a big difference between both implants. The left implant appeared to be in it's right position the only thing I noticed about it was that the incision was really close to the implant. The right one was sitting really high. Now three weeks have passed a week ago I was loving my left breast the right one has not dropped but then I noticed in just a few days that the left breast was getting smaller and losing it's shape I immediately thought that I had a leak so I was concerned and asked to see the surgeon. He told me that it looked ok but I insisted that this didn't look or feel right sent me for a mammogram and the film shows the implant dropping below the crease fold and below the incision and that is why I was feeling that the boob was getting smaller and losing it's shape.

My question is why had this happened so early after surgery? Is this considered bottom out? How is it fixed? If I continue to wait until the right implant falls will the left one continue to fall?
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I am so early in my stage right now that I can't recommend the doctor.

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