10 Yrs with Implants - Possible Problem with Pain and Flu-like Symptoms

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Had a small B cup, wanted to fill out clothes...

Had a small B cup, wanted to fill out clothes better. Wanted a full C and was talked into getting a full D- wish I would have listened to myself and gone with the full C.

I am 34 and have had my breast implants for almost 10 years. They are saline, round, submuscular and textured.

2 years ago I had an instance where I started to feel drained, then I started shaking uncontrollably, fever, cold sweats. I also felt a tightness in my lungs, my breast bone was sore and my left breast became hard and painful. I had an ultrasound done- nothing found. The flu symptoms lasted just a couple days with the breast pain lasting 1-2 weeks. I recently just had the exact same scenario happen again- could there be something wrong with my implant that's not showing on an ultrasound?
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