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The doctor and I spoke openly and honestly about...

The doctor and I spoke openly and honestly about my expectations. Photos and measurements were taken several times. I was shown "samples" of the various implant types and was quite confident going with those from the Ideal Implant clinical trial which I initially consulted for. I was temporarily leery of the smaller amount of "fill" he was using in me. Several of my girlfriends have received much larger. He also thoroughly explained to me why the smaller fill size was actually ideal for my frame. While I am taller for a woman (a little over 5'7") I do have a small rib cage (measuring a 32 band size... previously a 30 when I lost weight).

I have ZERO pain tolerance and his office was very considerate of me after my visit and quick to make me more comfortable. They have been very generous with follow ups (I am having my second within 7 days after the surgery today). One week in the results already feel extremely natural and like my original breasts did. My girlfriends say they may soften a bit more but I am fairly athletic so I hope they keep the feel that my own breast tissue had before.

Several girlfriends have had the procedure done and are quite impressed with the results. They experienced weird times where they would become weird shapes as they "fluffed" and fell. This may be luck- but I would rather attribute it to the doctor's expertise.

I still have zero pain tolerance but did quit taking the prescriptions a few days in. Now I am slightly sore- but nothing unmanageable. I am quite excited for my second follow-up today with the doctor so he may continue to see the results. I am overjoyed.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I went to my Dr. in Newport Beach as a referral for his excellent work and because he is participating in a study of implants I was curious to learn about. consulted with several other doctors whom I was just didn't get a good "vibe" from and from the minute I met him I knew he was the right choice. I went with implants under clinical trial (Ideal Implant) as I was terrified with the previous risks of silicone and when I looked into getting the procedure done a few years ago did not like the look of traditional saline implants at all. This ruled out many doctors for the use of these implants and the only girlfriends of mine who had results I loved all used silicone. I did not like the photos of the other doctors in the study's work. My Dr.'s name came to me through the recommendation of TWO people who have previously had him perform surgery on them. When I consulted the website of the clinical trial I was consulting I was overjoyed to see him listed. I had previously not checked him out because of the Beverly Hills address (too far) but when I learned he had a Newport office where all my follow-ups could take place I was overjoyed to see he also had an office that is convenient to visit.

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