One Perfect Boob, One Problem Child.

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Had a BA a year ago July. 500cc, silicone gel...

Had a BA a year ago July. 500cc, silicone gel unders.

My Left breast was smaller and had a higher IMF. The IMF was lowered. Now it looks as if the implant has dropped too far down and the original IMF is very obvisous. My dr. stiched the skin back together under my breast this past July in hopes that the skin would readhear and the implant would stay in place, but this has not worked. I don't know what to do.

My dr. is out of state for me and always a plane ride away. He suggested an 'expander', which seems to be expensive. I'm also wondering if I sould have the replaced to the over position. All of this, of course costing way more than I had originally bargained for! I love my implants, but am really ready for this to get resolved. Also, I'm 5'5", 128 lbs, originally a 34B with a little sag.

I'm very glad I got my implants. I would not suggest going out of town like I did though. And with as much research as I felt I did on Doctors, I still ended up with a fruity boob. Sigh... I guess there is such a thing as OVER thinking it. :/

Any suggestions would be greatly apprecieted.
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I really really like my doctor on a personal level. But after a less than desirable result I find it hard to recommend him. I've spent A LOT of money, and may end up having to do the whole thing over again.

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