On Top of the Muscle Implants

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I was 25 years old with an A cup, I am very girly...

I was 25 years old with an A cup, I am very girly but I just didnt feel sexy because I felt like I was missing a very vital part of being a woman. I didnt want to be greedy about it, I wasnt looking for double d's or anything, I just wanted to feel proportioned.

My doctor did a great job! On top the muscle silicone implants 533cc entrance area was through the nipple, and the scaring is so minimal that it's not even an issue. I had a pretty much painless recovery and my breasts look like they are the size I shoulda had in the first place a 36C. If I didnt tell you then you would never know they were fake. They have boosted my confidence. I just feel prettier and more like a woman. So far there have been all pros and no cons=o)

I am about to get married and we wanted to start a family right away. My whole family has breast fed and I plan on doing the same, also I know that typically after pregnancy you tend to loose volume in your breasts, so I have two questions...

1. What are the odds with over the muscle implants that I will be able to breast feed, and is is safe for the baby? 2. Am I more likely to retain the volume in my breasts due to the implant being on top of the muscle?

Houma Plastic Surgeon

Minimal pain, minimal scaring, natural look and feel, gave me the run down on silicone vs saline, all around good experience

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