Turned 40 and Wanted a Natural Augmentation

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I had been considering breast implants for several...

I had been considering breast implants for several years and when I turned 40..I just decided yes. I had a dillema regarding the size I am 5' 1" and 105 and wanted a natural appearance. I was torn between 270 and 300 ml implants. On the day of surgery I decided 300.

From the moment after surgery I knew they were to big for my frame. Then I find out the doctor filled the implants to 300ml to decrease rippling. So I still have rippling on both sides and the muscle pocket of the left is torn. So this has been a terrible experience. The doctor did not tell me he was going to overfill the 300ml implants so otherwize I would have gone with the smaller milliliter implant.

What should I do? I need to pay for another surgery. The doctor covers the cost of the muscle repair but not anesthia. But I want to get smaller implants instead and I'm sure that will be a whole other cost.

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The doctor did not inform me that he would be overfilling the implants.

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