Long Term Success of Capsulorraphy (5'6" 135lb, 305cc Silicone Moderate Plus Implants, Under the Muscle)

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I had a breast augmentation following breast...

I had a breast augmentation following breast feeding to recreate my pre pregnancy breasts. I love the natural look just having overstretched pocket issues.

I had a breast augmentation in Aug 2008. I'm 5'6" 135 and have 305 cc silicone moderate plus implants under the muscle. Within a few months of surgery I noticed that my right implant (I am right handed) fell into my armpit when lying down and moved high on my chest wall with bending over creating an uncomfortable sensation. Cosmetically, the right implant also sits a little lower on my chest wall and I have less fullness on the top medial aspect of that breast creating problems with asymmetric cleavage. I would like to have this corrected with a capsulorraphy. I was wondering what the long term success is of this procedure and the risks. My PS said that he would like to overcorrect incase the pocket overstretches again and use a drain. Is this the best approach? Are there other procedures that have had more success? I'm wondering if this is a fairly ease procedure and I can expect an improvement in the subtle cosmetic issues that concern me. I am very active physically with exercise and weight lifting. I can live with the result I have and just reposition the right breast in my bra but it's not ideal. I would love for the right breast to feel and look as great as my left. I guess I'd like reassurance that the surgery would be able to achieve this goal and have long lasting results. Thank you!
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

He came recommended for his focus on creating a natural look. I really don't think anyone could tell I've had a breast augmentation. He chose an implant that created an incredibly proportionate look. That's exactly what I was looking for.

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