Needed Implant Revision Due to Rupture and Capsular Contraction

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Impant revision surgery due to gel implant rupture...

Impant revision surgery due to gel implant rupture and capsular contraction. The recovery/pain was not too bad but the PS did not remove the capsules even though I increased implant size.

I recently had breast implant revision surgery. Previous implants were gel 500cc standard projection and one side was ruptured w/capsular contraction.

I went to a moderate plus profile 752cc to correct wide cleavage. It has been 1 month and I noticed that the right side is starting to look/feel much like it did before with the contraction. I asked my PS if he had removed the capsules and he said no, that there was no need to.

One month later, I am noticing the same hardness as before in the breast that had the rupture. The PS's recommendation is to do compression massage. A little concerned at this point. My question is: How could larger diameter/volume implants fit into the old capsules? Wouldn't this increase the chance that capsular contraction would occur again? Aren't capsulectomy's always done when increasing implant size and for capsular contraction cases? Thanks

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