"Double Bubble" After Surgery - Considering Revision

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I had very little breast tissue and it has always...

I had very little breast tissue and it has always bothered me. So after many years of expensive padded bras I gave in and got implants. I knew there were risks, but I felt the benefits would outweigh the risks. I should have known that if it can go wrong where I am concerned it will.

I love my size, although I would not mind going a little bigger. However, soon after the surgery I developed a double bubble that makes me extremely self conscious. When I am in a bra or bathing suit I feel fine because it does not show much, however I know that it is there and it bothers me.

I had this procedure for Me. To make myself feel better about the way I look and it was a huge letdown to see myself so marred. Now I will have to have a second surgery to fix the first and I want to be sure that the procedure that is going to be preformed is the right one! I also would like to increase my size from 400cc – 475cc.

7 Months ago I had smooth, high profile, teardrop,...

7 Months ago I had smooth, high profile, teardrop, silicone implants (400cc) placed under. I had little breast tissue and a small upper body. I formed a 'double bubble' on one side soon after surgery. (Now the other side is starting as well) My surgeon would like to go in and detach my muscles and re-attach them to my rib cage. Is that a normal procedure? Also, I have no cleavage. If the bubble is fixed and I increase the implant size to 500 will that give me the look of cleavage I had hoped for?
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