Saline Implants, Under Muscle, Peri-areolar - Incision Under Areola Hard

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Pros: comfortable wearing whatever I wantcons:...

pros: comfortable wearing whatever I want

cons: doesn't feel as natural as I had hoped it would (can feel the implant sometimes and they don't feel like real breast tissue)

im a little over 5 months post-op (saline, unders, peri-areola).

I've noticed that the entire length of the incision (under both nipples) is very hard. I assumed that it would soften eventually but it hasn't. After the first week, I had to revisit my doctor because my dissolvable stitches wouldn't dissolve on its own so he had to remove them himself. Does this have anything to do with the hard scars? Is this something I should be worried about?
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he had too many patients so i felt like he didn't have enough time to understand my all my concerns. he always made me feel rushed because he was always juggling too many patients.

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