Replaced 350hp Implants with 585hp After Giving Birth

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Pros: bigger and fullercons: none so far i...

pros: bigger and fuller

cons: none so far i replaced 350 hp with 585hp after having a baby overall im really happy with my results so far

i had my 350hp under replaced with 585hp unders after having a baby my 350's lost volume and upper fullness.

its been 36 hours since my redo surgery and i have no pain, no brusing, and my breast are not high on my chest like the first time. the only discomfort is at the incision site undre the crease.

im happy with the results so far they look perfect, but is this normal?? what happens to the settling process??im not even bandaged like the first time why is this??? shouldnt i be?

Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

great ps great staff, affordable, very attentive ps,not money grubbing if you dont need it, or its not gonna produce great results, he wont do it!!always available , and overalll very helpful

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