How Often to Replace Implants?

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I had BA in 1971 to enlarge and even out the size...

I had BA in 1971 to enlarge and even out the size of my breasts, release and exchange implants 1980, release left ruptured implant 1982, left fibrous capsulotomy and replace implant 1983, then finally subpectoral bilateral replacement of both implants 1989. No more trouble with implants except for some contracture underneath breasts. My surgeon never mentioned the need to replace them periodically, but now I am worried about the age of the implants and their structural integrity. How can I know if they are still intact?

Should implants be replaced every 10 years? If not, how often? Is this covered by insurance?

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He performed a procedure different from the one pre-certified by insurance, and it wasn't covered, so I was left with a much larger portion to pay than I could afford.

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