Hard Under my Right Breast Implant, and Not Dropping Like my Left...

My surgeon said to just keep massaging them, and...

my surgeon said to just keep massaging them, and it will better over time, like 9-12mos. is this true? Should I be concerned with a golf ball-like at the bottom of my right breast. They also have not dropped like my left one has.

Pros: Cost of $4,500Cons: i still have pain, my...

Pros: Cost of $4,500

Cons: i still have pain, my breast are still oblong shaped and havn't dropped. Unhappy

Why did i do it: after I started working out 8 years ago, my breast got smaller. wanted nice bigger breast.

right breast feels like golf ball at the bottom...it's not dropping, and is tight as a drum 4 weeks p/o? Is this normal. may i be developing early capsular contraction/
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because my right breast is not dropping 4 weeks post op. and have hard scar tissue under my left breast.

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