Need to Redo Breast Augmentation

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I had breast augmentation about 1 1/2 years ago,i...

i had breast augmentation about 1 1/2 years ago,i am not happy with the results.

i got breast augmentation to make my breast fuller b/c pregnancy.i was a full b sometimes a c depending on the bra,and i am now a full c small d also depending on the bra and i am just not happy at all with my results.

i went with saline 350cc,sub muscular im not happy bc i think they look like they did before but a little fuller and i first chose a smaller cc and when i went back i chose a bigger cc and my surgery was in a week,the lady in the office was like oh we wont have time to order that with your surgery date and the dr jumped in and said he could use the implants he had already,and i honestly believe he didnt do the cc's i wanted,and it feels bumpy on the bottom of my breast.

i really want it redone with another dr.will it be a big diff in price.

how much to redo breast augmentation with another dr.?

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when comparing with others i just dont feel he was very personable,i only seen him once after surgery.

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