Faulty Implants. Scheduled for Explantation

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Hello there, I've had my silicone gel implants...

Hello there, I've had my silicone gel implants since 1999 (I'm in the UK).

Unfortunately the 1st surgery went wrong and my left implant was placed too high and had to be removed a week after the 1st op (they put the same implant back in). They looked great after the revision. I was 21 years old and I adored them (I went from a med B cup - a DD cup).

3 years after the augmentation I developed a rash over my left breast, with swelling and a lump under my armpit. I went to hospital and they sent me back to my surgeon (who had mysteriously resigned and moved to Africa!). They performed an ultrasound (not an MRI) on my breasts and told me both were fine and gave me some antibiotics.

The swelling didn't go down for 6 months and during this time I developed "CFS/ME" (not saying it's related, I'm just saying what happened). My left breast has swollen every 6 months or so for the last 7 years (right breast has always been fine) I've had several ultrasounds in this time (to prove they were fine). Meanwhile I've been getting sicker and sicker (I had to drop out of medical school 3 years in, top of my class and I'm now on benefits). Some days I can barely move and my left arm and shoulder are immobile (but my breasts look fabulous!!).

2 weeks ago I read that ultrasounds were not appropriate for testing if my implants have ruptured (I trusted my clinic, but they were obviously incompetent).

I've just had an MRI and it turns out my left implant has ruptured and probably has been faulty for years. I am now scheduled to have my implants removed (by a different surgeon) this coming September.

My question is; what will I look like after explantation? I had a silent rupture (no encapsulation). My breasts are both soft and jiggly. The implants are 10 years old, mushy and soft, and I have at least a b cup of my own tissue (sub-dermal implants) they are not droopy. Will I be deformed after having my implants removed? I'm very scared, my aesthetic is important to me. What should I expect? Will I need an uplift, will all my own tissue be removed leaving me with concave "puppy dog ears"?

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