32A Pre-op & Was Filled to 330ccs on Both Breasts

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Pros - boosted my self confidence minimallyCons -...

Pros - boosted my self confidence minimally

Cons - staff uninformative, met with office staff more than surgeon, breasts unattractive

I did it as a personal choice as I was very insecure & self conscious about my flat chested

I had BA done 8/27/09 almost 6 wks ago. I was a 32A pre-op & was filled to 330ccs on both breasts. My right breast is rounder, firmer & significantly smaller than the left which is softer, fuller & lower. Also when I massage from the bottom - the right breast does not go up as high up as the left. At first I just thought that the right smaller one had just dropped into place since the left doesn't feel in place but I'm not sure? Could I possibly have Capsular Contracture? Or is it normal to have 2 different shaped breasts during healing? I am very concerned. Thanks for any advice given!
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My surgeon did not provide me with enough information to choose sizing or implant

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