Disappointed with Breast Implants

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I had 300cc over the muscle implants 6 months ago...

I had 300cc over the muscle implants 6 months ago.I feel very upset that i can feel the implants that i have,i wanted under the muscle!My surgeon said i had to have this as from breast feeding and with lack of breast tissue(which i seem to lose with the menapause)over was the only option.I would also have liked slightly smaller,but he said that the skin needed to be filled.

I am small and slim and i longed to have attractive and also lovely breasts to touch again,but quite often i find myself shrinking away from my husband,i have cried many times now.

Everyone i know has had there inplants over the muscle and although they do look quite nice i wish i could be like my friends who say they cannot really feel theres at all.

Please help and what would be my alternative,if i decided to seek further surgery.Sometimes now i wish i had had an uplift with small implant,but was scared about the scarring.I was a droppish 34b before surgery.

Please tell me what i can do as an alternative if i was to change them.If ther is an alternative?
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