Can See Line of Muscle After Dual Plane Augmentation/lift.

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Pros: bigger breast Cons: breasts feel lumpy...

Pros: bigger breast Cons: breasts feel lumpy where it is not covered by muscle (dual plane implant). Can see line where muscle coverage stops. One breast may be bottomed out, nipple even more uneven even though I had a lift to correct this problem. I paid a small fortune (10K) for this lift/augmentation, and disappointed with the results.

I had a breast augmentation with a benelli lift 5 weeks ago. My implants are silicone and was placed using dual plane technique. I am concerned because when I lift my arms up, flex my pec muscles, lay down and sometimes even when I am just standing up I can see where my muscle is covering the implant, like a separation. I have discussed this with my doctor and he says it will "smooth out" eventually, but may take 6 months. I won't even have sex without my shirt on because of this. Help!

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After my procedure, I feel like I didn't get my moneys worth and feel unsatisfied with my breasts. My surgeon made me feel like the only options I had were a lift and augmentation with only dual plane placement, now I am debating on having it revised.

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