Breast Implants - Scar Tissue is Causing Problems

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I had a breast augmentation done four yrs ago to...

I had a breast augmentation done four yrs ago to enhance the appearance of my breast. I noticed a lump on it 2 weeks after the Dr. said it was scar tissue. Now 4 yrs later I come to find out it was a defective implant.

I am very worried that I won't be able to get this fixed and the surgeon is charging me his fees plus anesthesia etc. I have to come up with $4,000 just to fix a problem that could have been avoided yrs ago.

Pros to the procedure that I got a bigger bust, the cons are that I loss sensation as well as payed double to get breast as I may have to walk around with a deflated breast (very traumatic for a woman) until I can come up with money I don't have :(

Is there any act of humanity or help I may get in the Orlando, FL area or Fla in general for this problem?

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