Breast Augmentation Question

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I got breast implants 3 weeks ago and I went with...

I got breast implants 3 weeks ago and I went with size C. I did it because I wanted to have a shape to my body and I was a size A before. I am happy with the results of how it looks.

I got breast augmentation 3 weeks ago and 2 weeks after when my stiches were removed, I had a lot of yellow (little bit of blood) liquid come out. Doctor said it was seroma fluid and put me on antibiotics and asked me to stop massaging. A day or so after I got nipple eczema which I have had for 10 years on and off. It must have flared up perhaps due to something that irritated it. Anyhow, the doctor told me to apply hydocortisone around the nipple but not on the incision.

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He has been very good about every time I needed to go there.

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