Saline Tumescent Method - Needed Volume After Childbearing and Bodybuilding

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Saline tumescent method, 8 years ago for...

Saline tumescent method, 8 years ago for revolumization after childbearing and bodybuilding. Results were very soft and natural due to high degree of existing breast tissue. The only (slight) drawback initially was the "outline" that sometimes appeared in pushup bras.

Because after all these years I have begun training for a physique competition again, and the resultant bodyfat drop has caused two "voids" or "dimples". Can fat injections help and if so, what will happen as I regain this bodyfat when not training/dieting like this?


Updated on August 5, 2009

I had breast aug over 8 years ago after child birth/nursing as well as training for bodybuilding competitions. I had the tumescent method, saline on top of muscle (due to some ptosis) and just replaced the lost volume, once again becoming a slightly rounder D. I was able to fly to San Diego the very next day and hit the zoo all day. The recovery time was AMAZINGLY short.

I am very happy with results, no capsular contractions (Dr stressed the importance of massaging the breasts and called often to make sure it was performed.

For the first time since the implants I am back in training for fitness/physique competition and as I have lost bodyfat, a visible "pocket" or void has formed. What treatments can be used to fill out this area? Fat injections or hyaluronic fillers? If so, what are the risks when I inevitably gain the bodyfat back?
Dr. Paul Blumberg

Dr. specializes in the tumescent method. I flew to San Diego the very next day and went to the zoo!! Pain was almost non-existant!

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