Assymetrical Breasts W/ Silicone 290cc/310cc

I had very nice breast initially but , to my taste...

I had very nice breast initially but , to my taste too small. Now I truly regret my choice to have a breast augmentation as they look very fake and are asymmetrical, I am much more saddened by my body today then I was with small breast, at least they were pretty much the same and natural. I would advise people to truly think about it and all the risks before deciding to do so.

I have had a breast augmentation 47days ago, and for the past month I have seen a high asymmetry develop. Initially I had a very small asymmetry between the 2 breast and the surgeon thus decided to use different sized implants (silicone) : 290cc on the left one and 310cc on the right. The problem is that the left one is now much higher and has a different overal shape than the right one. I don't know which one is the problem : is the right too low or the left too high? The surgeon asked me to wear a compression band but I'm afraid this will lower the right breast as well! What do you think? This is really annoying and depressing me a lot and I do believe that 1month and a half gives a quite accurate indication, do you think there could be any changes? Is the left one just slower in lowering?
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