Silicone Implants 2 Years Ago for Fuller Breasts and to Get Rid of Sagging

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I had silicone implants two years ago.A couple...

I had silicone implants two years ago.

A couple weeks ago I experienced swelling in the top of my right breast. I saw my family Dr. and he diagnosed it as an infection and I took an antibiotic for 7 days.

Now that the infection and swelling went away I now feel something I describe as a 'chord' on the inside of my right breast (near my cleavage) and it runs into the bottom of the breast. It's such an odd feeling thing to have and it's never been there before.

I went to my surgeon today and he said it may be CC but he wasn't convinced and said it could also be a clogged vein? He told me to take over the counter anti inflamatory meds and apply heat. He also wrote me a prescription for singulair if I decide I want to try that. Basically I need to watch it for the next few months to see what happens and then let him know if it gets worse.

I got breast implants because I wanted fuller breasts. I felt like I had the skin to accomodate bigger breasts and I wanted to get rid of some of the sag. I had surgery 2 years ago and i'm very pleased with the results.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? My breast doesn't look different on the outside, I just feel something very strange on the inside. The breast is very slightly firmer than my left though. Please help.
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