400cc Silicone Implants and 9 Days After Surgery, Hardly No Difference Than Before. Help?

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I had 400cc smooth round moderate silicone Mentor...

I had 400cc smooth round moderate silicone Mentor implants inserted under the muscle with the incision under the armpit. The surgery was done 9 days ago.

I told the PS that I wanted natural looking but larger breasts with "more" at the top than what I had originally because my bra (which I wore a 38B padded was NEVER filled and would collapse.) I was probably actually a full A cup previously. I showed him pictures of what I wanted and also lifted my breasts up and together to show him. He said that my breasts were not saggy.

After the 48 hours, we removed the band and bra and my breasts looked basically identical to what they did before the surgery. Maybe a little 'heavier' at the bottom but not much at all. My husband totally agreed that he could see no difference. No swelling...nothing. I called the PS (it was a saturday evening) and left a message and went in Tuesday morning to see him. I was told this was normal, give it time, massage my breasts (now they are highly bruised after the nurse at the office massaged them that tuesday) and he told me to continue to wear the band.

By tuesday, there was a SMALL amount of what looked like swelling across the top of my chest but everything still hung low. Nipples not raising any like I was told. PS said the part that was up high would settle down and make the actual 'boob' bigger which would lift the nipple up. I told him that the main reason I also wanted the implants was to have something 'up top' to fill in my bras and cleavage and he became frustrated and couldn't explain how if they were going to drop, I was still going to have more fullness on the top part of my breasts. The PS said they should look like I wanted in 4-6 weeks.

I had no swelling at all and mild pain. The muscle in my right arm is keeping me from extending it 9 days after surgery. I wanted to look better in my cloths. But am worried that the implants are not going to look like I was told.

I don't see any difference today (which is 4 days after the visit I had on tuesday) and today is the ninth day. They still hang low. Is something wrong?
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he became frustrated when I asked why they did not look like there was not any difference 4 days after the surgery and said he could not explain it to me to where I would understand satisfactorily and to just give it time...

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