Implants for Sagging Breasts After Losing 65lb

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If I get pregnant and considering that I have...

If I get pregnant and considering that I have implants, will I still have that sensative breast symptom or is it a different kind of pain. Because I know that women without implants tend to get tender breasts after about a month of pregnancy, and I'm wondering if that would be the same for me or if that symptom would be different or maybe even non-existant in my case.I'm trying to get pregnant and right now I have been getting pains but on the bottom of my breasts and don't know if that is a sign I might be pregnant.I can't yet take a pregnancy test, I still need to wait another week for it to give me an accurate answer, that is why I ask.I also had a tummy tuck done at the same and have all of a sudden 3 1/2 yrs later (at the same time I'm getting the breast pains and trying to figure out if I'm pregnant) getting this uncontrollable itching above and below my belly button.It feels like my skin is stretching and I can't scratch hard enough to make the itch stop.It itches really deep in my skin.They tell me it's because of the weather change, but that has never happened to me before with the weather change. So is that another symptom?I've never been pregnant before so I don't know and I don't know anyone that has had a tummy tuck then gotten pregnant. All my friends had the tummy tucks after their babies.

Pros: I look better, I feel better about myself, and my self-esteem is higher than ever.

Cons: It took me about 4 months to get used to them.

I did it because I lost 65 lbs and by breast sagged like I had nursed 12 children. My whole body was crazy ugly to me.

Please help me understand what is happening with my body and what will happen if I do become pregnant. Thank you!

He did a great job. He made me feel really comfortable and safe about the procedure and he was checking up on me and I would have a dr. visit every week for 2months after the surgery. We could also email him or call his cell phone. He had a U.S. number so it wouldn't inconvenience us.

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