Breast Implants Left Me with Uneven Breasts

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I had 400cc silicone implants two and a half weeks...

I had 400cc silicone implants two and a half weeks ago. Surgery went well, & things seem to be going smoothly... until now. Wondering why one of my breasts is quite a bit larger than that other!!

I had breast implants on June 18th, 09 along with a mini-abdominoplasty. My abdomen is very swollen and seems to have fluid inside that needs to be drained. My drains were taken out on day 4. Anyway, my question is about my implants. I noticed last week that right on top of my scar (under my R breast) it is very hard. I figured it was scar tissue & kept up with my massages. I noticed today my R breast is a lot larger than my L. Noticeably. I'd say a cup size. Is this normal at this stage?

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My PS has been great thus far, I just hope he can help remedy my current issue!

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