I Want Straight Teeth! Braces Were Removed by Ortho After Only 10 Months

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I had braces!Iam sure they would have worked but...

I had braces!Iam sure they would have worked but my orthodentist decided to take them out only after around 10 months! Yes exciting for me then but depressing for me now. I was in grade four and responsibility wasnt my first priority.

During the period after my braces were taken off i was suppose to wear my retaners and head gear at night. I tried the head gear as good as i could but i was in grade four and with the head gear i was not getting much sleep! Anyways four of my teeth shifted back a bit.(and i really dont mean by much)

For a long time Ive been frustrated with my smile and not content. Now Iam in grade nine and i have not intent on having braces again! Ive looked into invisilign and according to the website Iam a good candidate(my dentist says so too)...now my only HUGE problem is cost. People have told me about ''trays'' and i can tell you right now Iam no orthodentist that i woudnt need too many(i would think less than a dozen for sure).

I have a friend who has invisilign for her top and bottom teeth for ONLY 3000$ Yeah Iam not stupid! I know orthodentists like to rip off people's money but Iam sure there are a few honest ones that would do the job for the right price...i hope.

I would like to find an orthodentist in winnipeg that would be willing to have an appointment and agree that the price would be NO MORE than 3000$....my family is nor rich nor poor,but we know whats rigth. :P

My question is: Is it possible to get straight teeth for a reasonable price?
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I think many people should not worry so much about what their getting but who their trusting.

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