Braces: Thats All I Have to Say. ***** Star Rating

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I was 15 when I first got braces and unfortunately...

I was 15 when I first got braces and unfortunately my parents could not afford it so they were removed before I had any real tightening done at this point. So when I turned 18 and was able to afford them myself I got them done in Mexico.

The price was 2,500 much cheaper than the states and I went to a very good dentist and had a payment plan set up. I had a horrible smile. I had a "snaggle tooth" as they call it where the fang tooth goes high up into the gum line. Severe crowding and my teeth were turned and pushed into each other due to not having any room to properly grow.

So starting out I had 2 extractions done to create room. Then my braces were put on. The whole process was very time consuming and having them tightened all the time. Mostly that I can remember is that it took what seemed like forever. I got them off when I was 21 and I am now 23. I really hated my teeth so I am 100% glad I got braces sure I am not happy with my natural smile but there is always veneers and filing + whitening to create the smile I have always dreamed of. My teeth are white enough and straight so that's what matters to me.

I got ridiculed growing up for my "Buck Teeth" and creepy smile. So this changed all that, it changed me for the better. I will give my kid braces early on so she doesn't have to suffer like me. As genetically bad teeth run in my family. I def recommend Braces! They may be torture and they take a long time but in the end the pay off is great and face it they aren't that bad really I think. I actually got hit on more with braces than I did without haha lol funny thought.

So if you are thinking of getting them don't waste your time reading and go get them already they take a minimum of 2 years to complete depending on the severity of your case. Good Luck :D

Armando Araujo

He is friendly always, very courteous. Takes his time and does the job right. Family Oriented, and he gave me my new smile. He genuinely cares for my needs as a patient. He is a dentist in the US and also in Mexico. I live in the states and I traveled across the border for care.

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