Botox Upper Forehead Crinkle Mark - Unbalanced Results

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I was happy with the results of my Botox but felt...

I was happy with the results of my Botox but felt I should have had all 3 areas done together instead of having the Glabellar done 4 wks later. I think this would have made the result balanced.

I had my first lot of Botox with great success whilst visiting my friend abroad in which i had all 3 areas done. 6 mths later I had my next lot in a reputable clinic near to where i live. This time I just had the forehead and crows feet done which was great. I decided though 1mth later to have my Glabellar done also with 3 injection sites and just 2 units in each. the result was great but now have a pucker underneath my hairline,why..? can it be rectified? Thanks.
Lucy Selway

I felt they could have told me that because there was a time difference in having the Glabellar done 1mth later then I could possibly experience a puckering effect on upper forehead.

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