Botox Overdose - Still Frozen at Almost 6 Months

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I had botox done 5.5 months ago by a plastic...

I had botox done 5.5 months ago by a plastic surgeon. I went to her because my friend had very good results with her 3 times before. She works with a well known dermatologist in NY and received good reviews on the internet. I told her that I had botox once before and it only lasted 2 months. I think she really wanted it to last this time because she used 80-90cc (almost an entire bottle)! She did my forehead, crows feet, between my eyebrows, and even below my eyebrows and eyes.

I looked awful - I was frozen solid and even experienced flu symptoms for the first 2 weeks. I didn't realize until I got sick that the amount she used was ridiculous.

I'm only 30 and did not have deep wrinkles. Now, 5.5 months later, I am not completely back to normal. I have full movement in between my eyebrows and in my left eye but my forehead and right eye are only moving a small amount. I saw a big improvement between 3.5-4 months but not much has changed since then.

No pros other than technically, my wrinkles were gone.

Cons: i looked completely frozen, my eyes looked strange, my smile was strange, i felt sick, i had blurry vision.

Should I be worried that I might have permanent nerve or muscle damage?
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I had a horrible result

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