Botox Injections Under the Eyes and I Feel Horrible

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I received botox injections around my eyes and one...

I received botox injections around my eyes and one under each lower lid to stop wrinkling from the outer injections. It seemed fine but after a few days I have developed droopy bags and swelling under my eyes and I look like I haven't slept in days - which people keep commenting. I have never had circles or bags ever. I really look horrible. ALSO, my eyes are so tired all the time - including when I open them in the morning - and I feel like I need to sleep at 4pm every day, it feels as though the lower eye muscle that supports the eye is constantly exhausted and strained - it seems that the botox got to that muscle.

I feel I would not get under eye shots again - not worth it on any level... my eyes feel tired, I look tired and smiling feels all too weird.

How long before this gets better??? Will it get better?? I feel I have never looked worse in my life..
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too close to the eye seems to have bad side effects that can't be controlled - I have done botox before with no problem until we got too close to eyes.

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