Botox Between my Eyes ("11s") and for Hyperhidrosis at Age 32

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Hi! I love botox. I have had it injected in my...

Hi! I love botox. I have had it injected in my forhead and in my 11's (between my eyes) and it has given me a softer, smoother appearance.

I also suffer from hyperhydrosis and have exhausted all options regarding over the counter deoderants and prescribed medications. My underarms were injected a year ago and my sweating problem has yet to come back. I can now wear long sleeve shirts and not be afraid to raise my arms! The cost for my underarms was a $1000.00. For most people that may seem ridiculous but for those of you out there suffering from hyperhydrosis this is well worth the price.

I have had my forhead and 11's done twice in a year (total cost is $210). I look rested; like I just returned from vacation. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!

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Carrie the RN at Allure Medical. She is knowledgeable (I started seeing her after the medspa I was working for closed). She answered all of my questions and the injections were painless. I still have some expression in my forhead but my lines are gone which is awesome!!!

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