Secound Round Even Better!

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My first round of Botox was back in January.It...

My first round of Botox was back in January.It took 10 days but it finally worked and lasted till beginning of May. I am told that the first time you get Botox it does wear off faster than the second or third time...So May 27 I went in to see my doctor and the price had gone up by a $1 a unit, however I am very comfortable with my dr and I don't trust just anyone sticking needles in my face, so to me she is worth it.

Now this time I had it done on Wed and by Sun I woke up and the botox has started to work fully much to my excitement. I was more than prepared to wait the 10 days I had waited the last time so I was very pleased to see that it has worked faster this time...I do hope it lasts at least a month to two longer.

I love the fact that my forhead is smooth and I can push my bangs back, now I did'nt get any treatment on the tiny lines that I have around my eyes (crowsfeet)but they have also seemed to have dissapeared, YAY.

I love the effects I get with Botox, and as long as you have a good injector, you are in good hands, it keeps your appearance youthfull and that to me, that is worth more than the price you have to pay for it.

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