I'm Leaning Toward Liking It but Not 100% Sure

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I'm 41, and, I did it because my crow's feet...

I'm 41, and, I did it because my crow's feet bothered me a lot. I don't really have wrinkles (aside from the annoying upper lip lines from genetics and sun) when I don't smile...so I figured I was a perfect candidate for botox.

I'm not 100% sure about it, but I think I'll do it again. I guess I'll report back on future results.

I had this done in my dermatologist's office. She did it herself. Yes, it helped the crows feet. I had more on one side than the other (Dr said because I sleep on that side), and I had only crow's feet done...so it was about 18 or 19 units, I think. She was having a "sale" and gave me a good price, lower than her usual price/unit. She said it would take about 5 days, but I saw results in a day or two. Definitely smoothed out the crow's feet.

At first I was totally thrilled. But then I began to notice what others have said...I felt like I ended up with more wrinkles under my eyes, but, honestly, I'm not sure if I just became fixated on those wrinkles because suddenly there weren't any next to my eyes. I'm not sure. You start staring at your face a lot more, so it's hard to say what was there before! Either my crow's feet went away, so I became fixated on the wrinkles under my eyes, OR the lack of movement next to my eyes resulted in the skin bunching up under my eyes. or both. I do think I looked a little chipmunky too...that is why I'm not 100% sure about this.

But, it's been about 2 months, and I still have fewer crow's feet and the chipmunky look is gone...2 months out, I'm still pretty happy with the results, and I can tell the botox is beginning to wearing off. Bottom line, I'll go back. I'll mention my concern about the chipmunky thing...and see what happens.

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