Ecstatic in Chicago - Botox in Brow Furrows and Forehead

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I am thrilled and hooked on Botox. I have been...

I am thrilled and hooked on Botox. I have been receiving injections for the last three years and I am very happy. One caveat , sometimes you have to go to a pricier doctor than bargain shop. The first M.D. I went to charged a lot of$, but it lasted 5-7 months. I now see another doctor who is very nice, but there is no longevity.

I get it in my forehead as well as in my furrows between the brows. If it is done really well the forehead injections will also provide a lovely and youth enhancing brow lift.

Dr. John Q. Cook and Dr. Barry Summers

You should know that some doctors charge by the unit and others by the area. Ask as many questions as you want and interview your potential M.D.

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