Worried About Eye Wrinkles - Now Drooping Eyebrows & Bags Under Eyes

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I was injected 4 days ago and noticed puffiness...

I was injected 4 days ago and noticed puffiness and slight drooping 2 days later and now everyday becomes worse and worse. My upperlids are very puffy and hang over my lower lids. I have little to no movement of brows and have lost the natural arch and they now sit low over my eyes. I have increasing headaches and large bags under the eyes which I never had before.

Any remedies to speed up recovery?

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I told him I didn't want Botox low on the forehead or between the eyes as I didn't want to experience any drooping. He insisted it was necessary and a good doctor knows where and how much to inject. We went back and forth and I felt pressured to trust him even though I was only interested in lines around eyes. I should have listened to myself.

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