Nose Was Really Crooked and Cartilage Would Hang out

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My nose was really crooked and my cartlidge would...

My nose was really crooked and my cartlidge would hang out a little on each side. I had 80% blockage on one side and 90% on the other side.

My doctor said it was hard to ge tmy nose straight. My nose does seem igger now but my doctor said its swelling other than that it looks great. Im really worried about these booger like bumps in the top inside of my nostrils. They are both sides in the same place. they feel like they are pushing my nose out and shouldnt be there.

My doctor is always rushing me out of his office, and doesnt take the time to answer all of my questions. He barely looked at them and said it was swelling.

I had a septoplasty 18 days ago. I have noticed that i now have a mass on the inside of my both of my nostrils on in the top. They look like booger like masses but are not booger. they are attached to my cartlidge it seems. They are blocking my breathing somewhat and seem to be pushing out my nostrils. My doctor keeps saying it is swelling but these things are masses not swelling. Also where my stitches are i can see black dots, do you think there are still stitches in there?
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I like him but i feel like im not getting the attention and care that i should be. Hes always rushing me out of his office before i can ask any questions and there is never even any one in the waiting room to be seen. I feel like he should answer my questions and concerns.

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