Bone on Bridge of Nose Still Present After Rhinoplasty - United Kingdom, GB

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I have always had a fairly wide and humped nasal...

I have always had a fairly wide and humped nasal bridge which i finally came to get removed 3 weeks ago. I asked my surgeon to remove the hump on the bridge on my nose,it has been fractured to make the bridge narrow and rasped the bump down.

It was painless but uncomfortable and i found it hard to sleep at night as you must remain upright.I would do it again as it was worth it and there isnt any pain but as you can't breathe out your nose for the first few days this is difficult and gives you dry mouth so you must drink plenty of water and take 2 weeks off work. Bruising was minimal and lasted 5 days only which i was happy with.

One side is perfect but on the other i can still see and feel a big lumpy bone which looks like it used too before surgery. I called him up and he said give it 6 months as it will be swelling but i recognise the feeling of bone!.Could there be swelling underneath the bone pushing it up,how come the other side is perfect? What if he hasnt rasped enough?

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Seemed efficent and i did my research regarding qualifications etc so i had confidence in my surgeon,asked every question i wanted too,you can never ask too many questions!

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