Good Time to Relax, but Getting Thinner Did Not Happen

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I forgot that I had done a Body Wrap a couple of...

I forgot that I had done a Body Wrap a couple of years ago on one of my treat myself days. Now I did not do this thinking I was going to come out thinner. I truly just wanted to give myself a treat during a high stress time of my life. I did choose one of the wraps that is supposed to lose inches. But I had no expectations and thank goodness for that.

The procedure was initially very cold, which is not relaxing, but then once I was wrapped, if felt good in a slimy sort of way. My favorite part of it all was stepping into the Swedish shower that had jets coming from all angles. The water pressure was strong and the water was nice and warm. It was like an upright hot tub. I know one thing, if I ever get to design and build a house, a shower like that is first on my list.

Other than that, I was satisfied with the relaxation, but I really did not have any other benefits. I indicated that it was not worth it because the review is supposed to be about whether a change was made in my appearance and it was not, also, I have not done it again and probably won't, I would rather have a massage.

JaRoss Salon

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