Breasts Were Like Empty Balloons After 3 Children, Breast Feeding and Losing Weight

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They did not tell me how long recovery would be. ...

They did not tell me how long recovery would be. I believed in a few days I would be almost as good as new. Did not know the implants would take weeks to fall into place. Never a mention that there might be a change in menstrual cycle.

I did this because My breast where like empty balloones. Perhaps having 3 children, breast feeding and loosing weight plus aging added to this.

I had breast augmentation 6 days ago. My period started on the day I had the surgery. Doctor was fine with this. Since the surgery my period has been extremely heavy and has still not stopped. I soak a tampon in about two hours. My normal period is only heavy the first day and not that heavy and it only last about 5 days. Is this heavy bleeding and the length of days of my period because of the surgery? Please respond. Thank You
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Seems very nice and caring

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