Active FX + Deep FX = Improvement, but Not Dramatic - Denver, CO

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*Treatment results may vary

Pros - smoother, tighter skin, decreased...

Pros - smoother, tighter skin, decreased wrinkles

Cons - long down time for subtle improvement

Pain - I had only topical numbing as I had to drive myself home, (this may have also limited the physician's aggressiveness with the treatment) but this is a painful procedure.

What I had done - Active FX over entire face, neck and chest, then Deep FX on lower face.

I have very light, Type 1 skin, so for me the healing process was probably worst case--I was very red for several weeks. The redness on my neck and chest was the last to diminish and took almost two months. I waited to post my after photo as I suspect I was still seeing the results of increased collagen production. I may still see a bit more firming, maybe.

I note on the photos: the before photo was taken at the doctor's office in different lighting and with a different camera than the after photo. I am trying to represent the results as honestly as possible and there is not an intent to deceive.

Bottomline--my recommendation of this procedure is qualified; this was not inexpensive, there was more downtime than advertised, and it is a rather painful procedure. For that you get subtle results. Your skin will look better, smoother, more even toned. But if you want more dramatic results you may need to look elsewhere.

I am planning on some fillers and Botox but wanted to wait until I was completely healed. I think those additions will really boost the results. I am also going to do some permanent makeup and will be posting those photos shortly in the permanent makeup section.

Dr. Steve Zarkany

Dr. has several years of experience with this procedure. He did not try to hype it and was conservative in his prediction of results.

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